Legal Updates Of Cannabis In Canada

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As of 17thOctober 2018 Canada being the only and ever first country among the G7 was the only sovereign state to legalize the use of marijuana. The bill was passed with the senate house which later was put into effect the following day. The cannabis act creates a strict legal framework for the distribution, production and possession of marijuana across the country. It is believed that the act imposed within marijuana users was:-

  • To keep the drug out of hands of the youth,
  • Keep profitable factors out of criminals and
  • To protect the public health by giving access legal possession of marijuana to the public

The subject of the Act actually has restrictions to age limit not everybody is allowed to be in possession of marijuana. Under aged individuals are strictly prohibited to have the drug. The Act states that it allows anybody who is above 18 years or rather in some provinces age limit is set to be 19 years to be in possession of up-to 30 grams of legal form of cannabis in the public. It also gives permission of sharing the role of cannabis with any adult.

Cannabis Act also states that one is allowed to purchase the product from a provincial licensed retailer or if the retailer is not accessible it can be obtained buy my weed online from federally licensed producers.

Farmers are also allowed to participate in the activity of growing the drug only if they have been licensed for the activity. If you are found with the federal government conducting the business without formal proper documentation, you could face a 14 year time imprisonment. In addition, the Act also allows Canadians to produce products which are made from cannabis such as food, drinks as long as organic solvents have not interfered to produce a concentrated product.

You may be wondering how much quantity one is supposed to have based on the Act. The cannabis Act states clearly an adult can be in possession of marijuana of up-to 150 grams of fresh cannabis and if he/she exceeds it could get him/her in trouble. It also allows people to grow the drug at their homes with at most four cannabis plants.

The Act doesn?t interfere with medical field since legalization of cannabis for medical purposes was into place since 2001. People who have authorization of healthcare services have definitely 100% accessible to marijuana.

Canadian government has all the right to help, protect and discourage youth by using the drug through prohibition of the product that are appealing to the eyes of the youth. It also prohibits selling the drug selflessly and finally through packaging and labeling marijuana in a way that appeals the youth.  The government has impounded heavy penalty of up-to five million dollars or imprisonment of up-to 3 years.

The Act on the other hand is there to protect public health by creating awareness and strict measures about the risk and safety of the Canadians.

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