Side Effects Of Cannabis Edible Products

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Cannabis Sativa commonly known as Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in many countries across the globe. The drug is legal in some countries where they have made advance research on medical and recreational benefits of it. These countries have embarked on manufacture of cannabis-infused foods and drinks which serve both recreational and medical purposes.

On the other hand, in countries where marijuana is prohibited for consumption, they have come with techniques to keep on consuming this drug without the consent of the authority. The most common technique being that of mixing cannabis contents with foodstuffs.

The use of these products has increased drastically with many people having no idea of the risks they are exposing themselves to. However, these risks affect both countries where cannabis is legal and where it is illegal. Some of the side effects of marijuana-infused edibles are as follows;

A longer-lasting ‘high”

Marijuana is mostly taken to make people “high”, increase body laxity,relieve stress and many other personal reasons. Many people prefer cannabis edibles to smoking them. These edibles take much longer time before their effects are felt. These edibles also take long period in the body which can take a range of 6-10 hours. This can cause unproductivity of an individual especially if you have a duty to accomplish.

Increased tragedies

Excessive consumption of cannabis is highly linked to tragic activities such as accidents, murder and many more. This definitely happens when a person is unable to control the effects posed to the body by the drug. Research has shown that a bigger percent of road accidents are caused due to effects of drugs where Cannabis happens to be one of them. Recently, a scholar by the name Levy Thamba of Wyoming college jumped to death where his death was linked to overconsumption of cannabis cookies.

Risk of addiction

Addiction is the most evident impact on drugs. When an individual uses excess cannabis products, cannabinoid contents enter the brain and block Anandamide. The user’s brain gets reprogrammed such that it cannot function normally without cannabinoids in the body. This makes the user need to take marijuana every time to feel normal. When the user stops taking these edibles, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms due to lack of tetrahydrocannabinols in the body. These signs are evident that the person is totally addicted and cannot do without them. This may bring more adverse effects to the body some of the being;

Having problems at work.

Falling behind at school.

Impaired ability to remember and make decisions.

Legal complications.

Increase crimes and insecurity

Long dependence on cannabis edibles causes addiction. This leads to the person in desire of hard money for purchase of these cannabis products. Definitely, if the person is not able to raise the funds, will be forced to find an alternative to this which is most like;ly stealing. This will pose insecurity to other people’s property and also their personal security. This brings in the theme of rotten society and poor generation among youths.


Cannabis edibles can cause a lot of side effects when abused. To curb these challenges, the government should implement regulations on cannabis edibles which are taken for medical purposes online with tale of two strains These regulations should be on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinols and cannabinoids on these products.