Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses generally

Does the mushroom have significant medical use for the user? Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses psilocybin as the main element that is still under a lot of research today. The issue of legalization of this could either be an advantage or a disadvantage to society.

Psilocybin mushroom Is believed to be magical. It has been highly abused. Once taken it is converted to psilocybin. The effects can be observed from the onset of 30 mins of usage and can last up to 4 to 6 hours. 


• Brown. It can easily be mistaken for a poisonous mushroom in the fields.

  Psilocybin mushroom is used in making tea and cooking food. This is substantial evidence that it is nontoxic. 

Medication-making plants have made it into powder form and sold in form of capsules. Which in turn makes it stronger compared to the fresh plant.

The effectiveness of  Psilocybin mushroom is dependent on:

original place of growth

– time of harvest

– variety

Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses 

Spiritual purposes

The custom belief of supernatural abilities has been dated from the ancient ages. 

Recreational purposes

It has been mainly used in nightclubs. The users expect some sense of relaxation and improved emotional moods.

Medical purposes

Doctors are yet to prove that  Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses in the medical field are important. Most patients suffering from depression and alcoholism have been given positive feedback after usage. The prescription content is still questionable because even small quantities of psilocybin in the bloodstream can prove lethal than cannabis.

It has been majorly used in the treatment of cluster headaches, tension caused by the last stage of cancer patients, depression. Great results were found after ingestion by the patients. 

Adverse side effects experiences were drowsiness, nausea, mood swings, alteration of vision, and paranoia.

Extreme effects are triggers flashbacks of horrible past events in the patient’s life, cardiovascular disease leading to high blood pressure, and psychological crises. 


Psilocybin mushroom therapeutic uses can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. Stigmatization of users is still common among the people. The mushrooms commonly known as ‘shroom’ is found in specified regions around the world. It is very important for one to understand and know that whatever is ingested into the body can carry a long life consequence and impact. Many users have grown distance from surrounding family and friends because of the illusions. The safety of Psilocybin mushroom in the human body cannot be cleared due to it’s unfavorable traumas. 

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