Since the Covid pandemic hit, many businesses closed and, in turn, incurred many losses. So during reopening, many companies decided to venture into the online market since customers were afraid to visit the shops physically. Some of these businesses included weed dispensaries. It has been seen that the online market is somehow turning out to be successful for dispensary owners.

This article will focus on the trend and rise of Tale of Two Strains for weed online dispensaries in 2022.

Giving a Normal shopping experience for customers

Since weed has been legalized in many states, cannabis dispensaries are making large sales in the market today. The dispensaries are seen trying to make it easier for their clients to shop for their marijuana supply and even safer. With this in mind, it is evident that we are slowly moving into a ‘normal’ shopping experience.

Online dispensaries have also initiated the use of other payment methods, which has, for many years, hindered a smooth cannabis shopping experience. For example, now consumers are seen to use the pay ahead plan for their goods which was unlikely in the pre-pandemic period. This factor has been a massive step for many customers due to reassurance from the dispensary owners.

Acceptance of Cannabis globally

Many countries are slowly getting done with the stereotypic mentality of cannabis and legalizing it. This will for sure have an impact on the cannabis industry positively. Passing the medical marijuana bill in many states is a step in gradually making complete legalization. The legalization of weed, however, varies among different countries; the public support for legalizing it is also increasing.

Many folks are slowly changing their mindsets on the use of marijuana. It will, without a doubt, positively affect the industry. Some of these benefits include the expansion of online dispensaries and an increase in traffic in their sales.

Market Size stats

The increased consumption of cannabis in society has been a major factor in the increase in demand today. Many online dispensaries have studied the market and identified the gaps. They have, in turn, come up with solutions for increasing the supply to cater to the high demand for a product.


The Cannabis industry is slowly growing, being that many governments are turning an open mind to its legalization. It will positively affect online dispensary owners by increasing their sales. Also, during this post-pandemic period, online stores are seen to be the most preferred market, so it is no doubt that online cannabis shopping is becoming relevant. 

Understaning the THC GUMMIES EFFECTS in our body

You might be wondering, “What are THC gummies? What does THC even mean?”

Allow me to clarify. 

THC is a chemical abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabiol, a psychoactive element found in cannabis. THC gummies are therefore gummy bears (sugary treats made of glucose, gelatin, citric acid, starch and food coloring) that have a small quantity of this drug in them. Every once in a while, you might come across the term ‘Edible’ used interchangeably with THC gummies but edibles is a more general term, referring to any consumable product laced with THC, that maybe cookies, cakes or drinks

Why do people take THC gummies?

People take these weed-laced gummy bears as an alternative way of getting high, without worrying about respiratory repercussions such as carcinomas (cancer).  Since gummy bears are basically sweets, the THC is normally absorbed sublingually as the candy is typically chewed. People also take THC gummies because it is quite possible to time when the high will hit and how long it will last.

How are THC gummies used?

The drug is in the candy.

Confectioneries typically put a set amount (in grams) of the Tetrahydrocannabiol into the lumps of sugar (the gummies). The amount put is usually labeled on the sachet of the gummy bear or the information given by the seller one way or another. The user is then expected to chew on the gummy bear, as he/she normally would. It is recommended, however, that the user put a few factors into consideration before taking the gummies, for example, the user’s tolerance to cannabis or how much THC is in a single bear. The amount per bear will influence the THC gummies effects and uses.

Are there any negative effects?

It is very important to understand the THC gummies effects and uses before partaking since people often ask, ‘So hey, taking THC gummies saves me from all the effects that smoking would have had on my body, so are there any side effects?”

Please remember that THC is a derivative of a drug, and drugs always have side effects. THC gummies uses can have negative effects.

One of THC is that it leads to the euphoric feeling called the high which just means that this drug stimulates the reward centers of the brain. Whenever we say that someone is addicted to a drug, we don’t mean that he/she is addicted to the substance, rather to the feeling he/she gets when they use it. So it stands that using THC gummies can lead to addiction; which as just a primary problem that is often accompanied by other financial and social problems.


Canadian WeedSmart can be viewed as a safer way of taking and enjoying cannabis just knowing how much you have taken in. Its effects are felt faster than some other edibles and the euphoria elicited normally lasts longer than normal smoking. However, just like any other drug, THC can lead to serious addiction problems together with distorted mental pathways which may cause impaired judgment when used long-term.

Differences, side effects of Sativa vs. Indica cannabis strains, and ways on how to choose the right product for you

Cannabis is a flowering herb species that is split into subspecies: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. The focus of the medical Cannabis community is on Sativa and Indica strains. They differ not only in their appearance but also in their physiological effects.

Sativa plants tend to be skinnier and taller. They may also be lanky in appearance with leaves that are pointed and thin. Indica plants are stocker and short and have leaves that are chunky and broad.

The often applied rule of the Sativa vs. Indica Cannabis strains is that Indicas are more calming and relaxing while Sativas are more energizing and invigorating but as it is applied it is not that simple.

Differences between Sativa and Indica

The most important difference between Sativa and Indica strains is in their medical effects and how they influence energy productivity and levels. Sativas are cerebral and uplifting, enhancing productivity and creativity. 

Indica on the other hand decreases energy and is better for consumption in the evening and night. Potent Indica may give some patients a condition in which they become so relaxed. 

In terms of particular ailments, Sativa vs. Indica Cannabis Strains has a difference in which Indica are often the best in inflammation and for pain. They are beneficial for patients with cancer, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

While Sativa strains are better for psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD

Sativas smell fruity, spicy or sweet while Indica tends to emit earthly, skunky, and musty.

Effects caused by use of Cannabis

Sativa vs. Indica Cannabis Strains can affect your mental health thus it can leave you panicked, anxious, or afraid, worsening symptoms of any mental disorder you can be already having.

Your thinking may get distorted thus it clouds your judgment and senses heightening your senses whereby sounds might seem louder and colors might seem brighter, delayed reactions, it can make driving more dangerous and hurt your motor skills, increase appetite and lower your inhibitions.

Most of these effects are associated with THC but not with any other cannabinoids or CBD.

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Cannabidiol commonly referred to as CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis Sativa and hemp. The oil is extracted from Cannabis and mixed with an oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. When purchasing it should be labeled as isolate or broad-spectrum for the safety of dogs 


The amount recommended is 1-2 mg per 10 pounds as a start. The oil should not have more than 0.3% THC as it will be toxic to dogs. They are administered either directly to the mouth or added to food in the bowl 

Uses of CBD in dogs 

Treating neuropathic pain that controls seizures. It reduces the seizure frequency when the dog consumes it. This works when taken together with seizure medicine 

Arthritis. Helps relieve pain and improve the dog’s overall mobility when given twice a day 

Cardiac benefits  

Stimulation of appetite  

Alleviates anxiety. The hemp brings a calm state to the dog and enabling him to have a mild relaxation 

Anti-inflammatory benefits especially on back pains 

Helps relieve pain from chronic illnesses such as cancer. Dogs having chemotherapy can benefit from this 

Possible Side Effects 

Generally, this product is safe for dogs and cats, It is fully dependent on the side effects on human beings. Some of them include  

A decrease in the production of saliva leading to mouth dryness  

An overdose of CBD has shown a decrease in blood pressure. This might lead to lightheadedness 

Weight loss  

Diarrhea and stomach discomfort  

Enlarged liver 

Drowsiness and dizziness. Its calming effect is counter-effective as it causes short stints of being drowsy  

There has been no conclusive research on the risks of using CBD oils on dogs. However, as a rule of thumb, when introducing something new to your dog, start with a lower dose and closely monitor for any reactions. This should help determine how to move forward with the use of it 


CBD-infused oils are safe for cats just as much as dogs. 

Uses in cats  

Reduces inflammation in the tissue hence less pain 

Aids in treating neurological disorders such as epilepsy due to its neuroprotector state 

Relieves nausea in the cat either from car sickness or otherwise 


Help regulate weight in obese cats 

Cancers. These oils help reduce the speed at which the tumors are growing 

Anxiety and general wellness. When used they bring a calm state to the cat 

The CBD oil for cats is different from that of humans and dogs as it is mixed with sardine oil. Cats cannot break down the oil in coconut oil hence the choice. A dosage of 2-4 mg of CB per 10 pounds is recommended, twice that of dogs. In extreme illnesses such as epilepsy and cancer, 4-6 mg of CBD per 10 pounds is recommended. Start small and adjust upwards according to the reaction of your cat. This should start as an approximation until you stabilize. Once the oil is administered, it takes 15-45 minutes to get in effect and lasts up to 6 hours  

How to use the oil  

Mix it with your cat’s food in their bowl, due to its taste most cats will lick it away. It works best on an empty stomach. It’s important to note that cats are different, so monitor the reaction closely 

Having a pet is fulfilling and this is why pet owners go to extra lengths of getting them treatment. In case your pet has any of these conditions, you might want to try these traditional treatment methods. However, start with a small dosage and monitor the reaction 

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What is the effects of cannabis smoking and edibles

Some people find it hard to continue with their daily activity without cannabis, it acts as stimulant since they are addicted.  I want you healthy and happy, choose the best way of consuming your cannabis by reading this article. There are various ways of taking cannabis, you can either smoke or take as an edible. Read this article to know the comparison. 


Cannabis smoking is taken through smoking or inhaling by rolling papers, pipes or pipe and the lighting.   edibles are informed of cookies, gummies or chocolates and are taken inform of chewing. they can even be mixed in foods such as candys   
Smoking THC enters to the bloodstreams but passing through the lung  .since time taken between inhalation of cannabis to reach the brain is so short smoking has a rapid onset   While edibles THC is absorbed in the bloodstream through the digestive tract and metabolism takes place in the liver.   
To keep in mind, since time taken between inhalation of cannabis to reach the brain is so short thus  has a rapid onset   Edibles on the other hand are of different story, time taken for cannabis to reach the brain is long thus gradual onset   
after smoking cannabis one feels high immediately and for a shorter duration ,typically one to two hours   after taking edibles ,it takes longer to feel high   due to long absorption time , typically three to four hours.   
it is less likely to over consume cannabis while smoking since it causes immediate effects. After noting the effect you stop and take a break enabling you to take control of the situation   One can get into trouble of over-consumption since it takes time to enter bloodstreams, one can assume it is not working and keep adding more thus ending up taking more than required. It advisable if using edibles to start with low dose and wait for a period of one hour to see the effects.   
Smoking cannabis will increase the risk of filling the lungs with smoke thus at high risk of getting lung cancer. It will cause more damage if a person has lung problem Taking edibles is sometimes recommended since it won’t damage the lungs bt if also taken with person with diabetic or overweight person it can be dangerous 
It is not a must the stomach to be full before smoking but if you feel some headache its is good to take food or drink While taking edibles it is recommended that the stomach has to be full. Eating cannabis does not means its a balanced diet, all they do is to add sugar level which may lead to bigger problem if excess bt if taken in small amount it makes the diet delicious that one enjoys 

It is important to try both smoking and edible cannabis to see which ways provide the best relief for you.


It is an oil product that is extracted from cannabis. It falls under cannabinoids that are naturally occurring chemicals in marijuana does not create any feeling of intoxication even though it is found in marijuana plants. 

CBD can be used for various perceived benefits such as; some cancer treatments, pain relief for chronic pain and arthritis, treatment of epilepsy as an anti –seizure, anxiety relief through stress reduction and inducing sleep for insomniacs, treatment of people with neurodegenerative disease by being a neuroprotector bulk weed

There is a stigma that comes with the association of CBD with cannabis and many people are not comfortable with smoking a joint of CBD or even some are entirely opposed to the idea of smoking. The good news is that there are various options to consider in the consumption of CBD. 

How do you take CBD? 

Creams/ointments and balms  

This is an approach that works best on sore muscles conditions like is a simple method of CBD consumption as you only have to apply the ointment on the affected area, gently massage on temples for migraines. Advantages of using this method include; the ease of use, the desired outcomes with certain skin conditions and inflammation and also the simple factor that you do not require any extra tools. 

Through ingestion 

You can mix CBD into your dishes. This is perfect especially where your taste buds simply don’t agree with the taste of CBD. It is also a more discreet way of consuming CBD in public. There is also the option of CBD edibles take longer for in form of lollipops and gummies which are sweet and easy to could however take longer for the effects to kick in. 


In this method you need to purchase tinctures of the CBD. Place some few drops under the tongue and hold it in for about 30 seconds and then swallow. The advantages of this method include; easy control of the dosage, it serves you with longer lasting effects, it is easy as it doesn’t require any accessories and also it is a discreet method of consumption. A Con of using this method could be a lack of tolerance for an earthy tase that comes with CBD. 


It is perhaps one of the most known method of consuming CBD. It can be done heating the oil rig nail where the concentration is can also be done by simply rolling a highly concentrated joint of CBD. An advantage of this method is that the effects kick in very fast and also it offers a very high concentration can be consumed. 

It is important to always research on CBD or even talk to your doctor before starting out on it. Find the most preferable way to consume CBD for desired outcomes. 

Best Selling Strains of Cannabis Indica

The origin of the Cannabis Indica herb can be traced to the Middle East, specifically in Tibet and Afghanistan. The plant is touted for its sedative and euphoric properties. However, there are limited scientific research findings to back up these claims. The plant is easily distinguished by its short and shrubbery nature. 

The prohibition on the cultivation and usage of cannabis products has been lifted in many countries. This in turn has led to an increase in demand for the plant for both scientific and medicinal purposes. This article will focus on the best-selling strains of Cannabis Indica, their distinguishing properties as well as the effects on users. 

The plant has high THC composition making its relaxing properties to be highly potent. The following are some of the best-selling strains of the plant. 

  • Northern Light 

This is one of the most popular strains worldwide. It is known for its quick blossoming nature and pasty buds. The typical effects experienced by users include drowsiness and rehydration of the mouth making users have a dry mouth. It has also been known to trigger anxiety and hallucinations when used in high doses. Users who experience episodes of nervousness, depression, insomnia coupled with depleted appetite levels. 

  • Sherbet Queen 

It is best known for its high Tetrahydrocannabinol composition hence making it popular among users. It is easily distinguished by its forest green buds. The herb produces a relaxing high feel among its users. The common side effects experienced by users of this strain include dry mouth and drowsiness.  

  • Bubble Kush 

It is famed for its quick flowering nature as well as pungent odor and flavor. It is known for its mental relaxation properties. This herb is mostly preferred by users experiencing episodes of stress and insomnia. 

  • Blue Cheese 

It is a cross between Blueberry and United Kingdom Cheese plant. This combination produces a peculiar flavor. It provides a relaxing and calming effect on its users. This herb is touted for calming involuntary muscle twitches, pain as well as episodes of stress and depression. Its latency rate is influenced by its THC load ranging between 15%-20%. 

  • Ice Princess 

 It is distinguished by its calcified appearance. It produces a quick euphoric effect on users immediately after ingestion.  It is touted for its highly relaxing nature. It is mostly used by users who are experiencing involuntary muscle spasms, soreness together with insomnia. It is increasingly being medically recommended to individuals who suffer from personality disorders, clinical depression, mood swings and bipolar disorder. The typical effects experienced by users include drowsiness, increased urge to sleep as well as episodes of happiness. 

  • Ultra Kush Banana 

It is famed for its high THC composition making it to be very potent. It is touted for both its recreational and medicinal effects on users. Some of the common effects of the plant include drowsiness, mind relaxing properties and making users have positive moods. It is highly recommended to individuals suffering from insomnia, migraines together with bouts of depression. 

  • Royal Cookies 

This plant is famed for its consistent effect on users. It has a nutty flavor. This herb is popular among users experiencing depression, insomnia, anxiety as well as menstrual cramps. Some of the effects experienced by users include a relaxed mental state, drowsiness and increased positive moods among users. This has made it to be one of the most sought and best-selling Indica herb. 

In conclusion, the calming nature of Cannabis Indica has tremendously increased its demand for both recreational and medicinal usage. It has been known to offer relief to individuals suffering from bouts of depression, anxiety, mood swings as well as insomnia. There is ongoing scientific research aimed at boosting its usage in the medical world. 

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Best way to cannabis consumption

Naturally, cannabis consumption has grown over the years globally. And many countries have tried to legalize it because of its health benefits and at the same time to prevent crime rates from rising day by day. 

Ordinarily, there are different ways of consuming cannabis and the following are some of them:  

  • Inhalation-this is the commonest way of taking cannabis since immemorial. However, inhalation methods have been dwindling slowly though it is still widely used by most users since its quicker and readily available means to achieve its sedating, elating, and relaxing effects. 

Advantages of smoking CBD 

-It gives optimum concentration and satisfaction of CBD. 

-It is the quickest way of consuming CBD. 

Disadvantages of smoking CBD 

-Smoking is not friendly to the lungs as it normally predisposes to throat and lung cancer. 

-Higher amount of smoking might lead to higher concentration which will be harmful to people who do not require higher doses because of their conditions. 

-It also requires other tools to aid inhalations such as (dabber, oil rig)  

  • Topical applications-when inhalation is not ideal for you, topical application in form of a cream is another mode of consuming cannabis. This way of application where you just apply on top of your skin and start enjoying the sedating and blowing off of your mind. Topical application is one of the easiest and quickest ways to use cannabis. 
  • Ingestion(edibles) -is the most widely favorite way of consuming cannabis currently as it is user-friendly and with a lot of decorum. 
  • Sublingual 

This is an oral way of consuming CBD, whereby you just put a drop of tincture of the product on your tongue and there you start feeling the sedative and relaxing effect. It is an easier and comfortable way to use. 

Advantages of sublingual consumption   

It is the quickest and convenient way to do it and does not need any additional tool. 

It is easy to manage dosing control. 

Its effects take a longer period. 

Disadvantages of sublingual consumption 

Different results are experienced by the individuals. 

 Some individuals might not be able to withstand CBD earthly effects. 

Final thoughts 

If you aspire to take a trial on consuming CBD for conditions such as anxiety insomnia and other chronic ailments, it is good to know various modes of consumption to obtain maximum efficacy depending on the conditions you have. CBD has lots of benefits which when exhausted would eradicate many diseases as well as prevent other diseases whether known or unknown to happen to mankind. 

Whether you are inhaling, vaping, topical application, edible or sublingual administration, doing more findings to ascertain the actual benefits as well as side effects is necessary to avoid adverse effects of preventable impacts and being able to enjoy the experiences of CBD holistically. 

I, therefore, would advise anyone to take CBD if it is recommended for you, as its advantages out-weighs the disadvantages. Moreover, too much uptake of CBD can cause precarious effects which are detrimental and fatal as some people have committed suicide after overdosing themselves. Therefore, consuming responsibly is advisable.

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