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Since the Covid pandemic hit, many businesses closed and, in turn, incurred many losses. So during reopening, many companies decided to venture into the online market since customers were afraid to visit the shops physically. Some of these businesses included weed dispensaries. It has been seen that the online market is somehow turning out to be successful for dispensary owners.

This article will focus on the trend and rise of Tale of Two Strains for weed online dispensaries in 2022.

Giving a Normal shopping experience for customers

Since weed has been legalized in many states, cannabis dispensaries are making large sales in the market today. The dispensaries are seen trying to make it easier for their clients to shop for their marijuana supply and even safer. With this in mind, it is evident that we are slowly moving into a ‘normal’ shopping experience.

Online dispensaries have also initiated the use of other payment methods, which has, for many years, hindered a smooth cannabis shopping experience. For example, now consumers are seen to use the pay ahead plan for their goods which was unlikely in the pre-pandemic period. This factor has been a massive step for many customers due to reassurance from the dispensary owners.

Acceptance of Cannabis globally

Many countries are slowly getting done with the stereotypic mentality of cannabis and legalizing it. This will for sure have an impact on the cannabis industry positively. Passing the medical marijuana bill in many states is a step in gradually making complete legalization. The legalization of weed, however, varies among different countries; the public support for legalizing it is also increasing.

Many folks are slowly changing their mindsets on the use of marijuana. It will, without a doubt, positively affect the industry. Some of these benefits include the expansion of online dispensaries and an increase in traffic in their sales.

Market Size stats

The increased consumption of cannabis in society has been a major factor in the increase in demand today. Many online dispensaries have studied the market and identified the gaps. They have, in turn, come up with solutions for increasing the supply to cater to the high demand for a product.


The Cannabis industry is slowly growing, being that many governments are turning an open mind to its legalization. It will positively affect online dispensary owners by increasing their sales. Also, during this post-pandemic period, online stores are seen to be the most preferred market, so it is no doubt that online cannabis shopping is becoming relevant.