Medical Industry Increase Lasik Procedures Over Last Decade

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Lasik enhancements are a procedure done after Lasik surgery in case a person has developed a complication, which is unsatisfactory to the patient. Although there has been continued improvement in the Lasik surgery limited times occur where the patient develop complications, this is not unique to Lasik surgery as people respond to surgery differently. Not everybody recovers from Lasik procedure 100% some may fail. Lasik enhancement, therefore, helps you achieve crystal clear vision.

There are some factors that can make you not to produce positive results after undergoing Lasik surgery. Some of these factors include:

Your age. The age affects the Lasik surgery directly. Young people tend to respond to the refractive surgery positively than the older people.

The severity of your eye error. The level of the problem your eyes have may affect the efficiency of the operation. Your problem may be dire such that it needs multiple surgeries to be corrected. If you have this degree of error, you need Lasik enhancement.

The risk of dry eyes after Zed Lasik eye clinic Although the complication of dry eyes after Lasik surgery is temporary, in rare cases it can exist. Dry eyes may cause considerable discomfort in the view of the patient. If it persists, the surgery will not have produced the desired results, and therefore the patient will need Lasik enhancement.

The error you have. The common mistakes people have are nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In the three problems, astigmatism is not easily corrected via Lasik surgery. This means that if the error is not corrected by the first operation enhancement will be required.

Your expectations. The goal of Zed Lasik procedure is to reduce the dependency of glasses to the patient. Not all people are the same, results of Lasik surgery varies. Although many patients believe that they see better after Lasik procedure, not everybody will respond the same. Do not be too expectant.

Other than Lasik procedure, one can take other enhancement options. These options include the exchange of refractive lens and the implantation of phakic IOL. These decisions are supposed to be done by your surgeon; for instance, your lasik surgeon may be of the view that instead of using Lasik procedure he may find photorefractive keratectomy – which involves removing and discarding of the epithelium- ideals he will not be required to re-lift the flap. Photorefractive keratectomy can be a good option in case you are looking for an enhancement other than Lasik.

In case you have had a refractive surgery, and your vision is not all that clear it is always advisable to consult your surgeon so that he or she can advise you on whether you need an enhancement or not. If you have had a Lasik surgery, you ought to perform your duties without glasses usually. In case you experience blurred vision after three months of the surgery, you will need an enhancement.