Understaning the THC GUMMIES EFFECTS in our body

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You might be wondering, “What are THC gummies? What does THC even mean?”

Allow me to clarify. 

THC is a chemical abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabiol, a psychoactive element found in cannabis. THC gummies are therefore gummy bears (sugary treats made of glucose, gelatin, citric acid, starch and food coloring) that have a small quantity of this drug in them. Every once in a while, you might come across the term ‘Edible’ used interchangeably with THC gummies but edibles is a more general term, referring to any consumable product laced with THC, that maybe cookies, cakes or drinks

Why do people take THC gummies?

People take these weed-laced gummy bears as an alternative way of getting high, without worrying about respiratory repercussions such as carcinomas (cancer).  Since gummy bears are basically sweets, the THC is normally absorbed sublingually as the candy is typically chewed. People also take THC gummies because it is quite possible to time when the high will hit and how long it will last.

How are THC gummies used?

The drug is in the candy.

Confectioneries typically put a set amount (in grams) of the Tetrahydrocannabiol into the lumps of sugar (the gummies). The amount put is usually labeled on the sachet of the gummy bear or the information given by the seller one way or another. The user is then expected to chew on the gummy bear, as he/she normally would. It is recommended, however, that the user put a few factors into consideration before taking the gummies, for example, the user’s tolerance to cannabis or how much THC is in a single bear. The amount per bear will influence the THC gummies effects and uses.

Are there any negative effects?

It is very important to understand the THC gummies effects and uses before partaking since people often ask, ‘So hey, taking THC gummies saves me from all the effects that smoking would have had on my body, so are there any side effects?”

Please remember that THC is a derivative of a drug, and drugs always have side effects. THC gummies uses can have negative effects.

One of THC is that it leads to the euphoric feeling called the high which just means that this drug stimulates the reward centers of the brain. Whenever we say that someone is addicted to a drug, we don’t mean that he/she is addicted to the substance, rather to the feeling he/she gets when they use it. So it stands that using THC gummies can lead to addiction; which as just a primary problem that is often accompanied by other financial and social problems.


Canadian WeedSmart can be viewed as a safer way of taking and enjoying cannabis just knowing how much you have taken in. Its effects are felt faster than some other edibles and the euphoria elicited normally lasts longer than normal smoking. However, just like any other drug, THC can lead to serious addiction problems together with distorted mental pathways which may cause impaired judgment when used long-term.