The Link Between Cannabis and Memory

Cannabis is used for both medicinal and recreational reasons. Its main chemical constituents are cannabinoid, commonly referred to as CBD, and delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, shortened as THC. However, its use remains controversial and is subject to local or government regulations. Due to chemical structure of drugs, most drugs alter the normal functioning of the brain. In this context, drugs refer to substances used for both medicinal and non-medicinal purposes.  

How it affects the brain 

After using cannabis, its chemicals enter the bloodstream, where it is transported to the brain. The brain has its own cannabinoid receptors. While at the brain, cannabis activates cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are a group of receptors found in the brain. They can influence learning, short-term memory, problem solving, and coordination. When activated after using cannabis, all those mental activities are altered. 

THC binds with cannabinoid receptors found in the brain. When that happens, euphoric feelings are experienced by the user.  On the other hand, CBD results to the opposite effect. It dampens the euphoric effect by interfering with the binding process.  Therefore the actual effect will greatly depend on the concentration or ratios of CBD and THC. Basing on how the two compounds work, a cannabis product with higher concentration of THC can easily result to mental health issues, thereby affecting memory. 

Depending on the concentration and duration of use, cannabis consumption will cause short-term as well as long-term effects. 

Memory-related effects of using cannabis 

There are two types of memory: long-term and short-term memory. Long-term memory stores information for longer periods, while short-term memory stores immediate events temporarily.  

There is strong evidence suggesting that cannabis greatly alters the functioning of temporary memory. The effect is due to compounds contained in cannabis which affect neural signaling to the brain. Short-term effects of cannabis will begin a few minutes after using the substance. Generally, the effects usually wear off after a few hours. The duration will depend on how the user’s body responds to the substance and also the quantity that was taken. It is estimated that the average half-life of the compounds found in cannabis is between 20 and 10 hours.  

When short-term memory is disrupted, learning and concentration are also affected. Below are mental and memory related effects of using cannabis. 

  • Panic attacks, paranoia and anxiety 
  • Lowered coordination 
  • Lowered ability to retain and also recall information 
  • Impaired judgment  
  • Distorted perception 
  • Altered verbal ability 
  • Loss of interest 

Some researchers claim that controlled use of cannabis can be used to manage memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and Chorea. It is argued that the products found in cannabis can prevent or slow the advancement of those diseases.  

People who heavily use cannabis at their early stages of life are more likely to experience memory loss and usually fail to recover even after quitting.  

While investigating the effect of cannabis on memory, the studies are usually limited because most consumers of cannabis also use other substances which may alter the actual outcome of the study. It is also important to note that human memory will always become less effective as one age. Similarly, memory formation may also be determined by hereditary factors. 

Best Selling Strains of Cannabis Indica

The origin of the Cannabis Indica herb can be traced to the Middle East, specifically in Tibet and Afghanistan. The plant is touted for its sedative and euphoric properties. However, there are limited scientific research findings to back up these claims. The plant is easily distinguished by its short and shrubbery nature. 

The prohibition on the cultivation and usage of cannabis products has been lifted in many countries. This in turn has led to an increase in demand for the plant for both scientific and medicinal purposes. This article will focus on the best-selling strains of Cannabis Indica, their distinguishing properties as well as the effects on users. 

The plant has high THC composition making its relaxing properties to be highly potent. The following are some of the best-selling strains of the plant. 

  • Northern Light 

This is one of the most popular strains worldwide. It is known for its quick blossoming nature and pasty buds. The typical effects experienced by users include drowsiness and rehydration of the mouth making users have a dry mouth. It has also been known to trigger anxiety and hallucinations when used in high doses. Users who experience episodes of nervousness, depression, insomnia coupled with depleted appetite levels. 

  • Sherbet Queen 

It is best known for its high Tetrahydrocannabinol composition hence making it popular among users. It is easily distinguished by its forest green buds. The herb produces a relaxing high feel among its users. The common side effects experienced by users of this strain include dry mouth and drowsiness.  

  • Bubble Kush 

It is famed for its quick flowering nature as well as pungent odor and flavor. It is known for its mental relaxation properties. This herb is mostly preferred by users experiencing episodes of stress and insomnia. 

  • Blue Cheese 

It is a cross between Blueberry and United Kingdom Cheese plant. This combination produces a peculiar flavor. It provides a relaxing and calming effect on its users. This herb is touted for calming involuntary muscle twitches, pain as well as episodes of stress and depression. Its latency rate is influenced by its THC load ranging between 15%-20%. 

  • Ice Princess 

 It is distinguished by its calcified appearance. It produces a quick euphoric effect on users immediately after ingestion.  It is touted for its highly relaxing nature. It is mostly used by users who are experiencing involuntary muscle spasms, soreness together with insomnia. It is increasingly being medically recommended to individuals who suffer from personality disorders, clinical depression, mood swings and bipolar disorder. The typical effects experienced by users include drowsiness, increased urge to sleep as well as episodes of happiness. 

  • Ultra Kush Banana 

It is famed for its high THC composition making it to be very potent. It is touted for both its recreational and medicinal effects on users. Some of the common effects of the plant include drowsiness, mind relaxing properties and making users have positive moods. It is highly recommended to individuals suffering from insomnia, migraines together with bouts of depression. 

  • Royal Cookies 

This plant is famed for its consistent effect on users. It has a nutty flavor. This herb is popular among users experiencing depression, insomnia, anxiety as well as menstrual cramps. Some of the effects experienced by users include a relaxed mental state, drowsiness and increased positive moods among users. This has made it to be one of the most sought and best-selling Indica herb. 

In conclusion, the calming nature of Cannabis Indica has tremendously increased its demand for both recreational and medicinal usage. It has been known to offer relief to individuals suffering from bouts of depression, anxiety, mood swings as well as insomnia. There is ongoing scientific research aimed at boosting its usage in the medical world. 

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Best way to cannabis consumption

Naturally, cannabis consumption has grown over the years globally. And many countries have tried to legalize it because of its health benefits and at the same time to prevent crime rates from rising day by day. 

Ordinarily, there are different ways of consuming cannabis and the following are some of them:  

  • Inhalation-this is the commonest way of taking cannabis since immemorial. However, inhalation methods have been dwindling slowly though it is still widely used by most users since its quicker and readily available means to achieve its sedating, elating, and relaxing effects. 

Advantages of smoking CBD 

-It gives optimum concentration and satisfaction of CBD. 

-It is the quickest way of consuming CBD. 

Disadvantages of smoking CBD 

-Smoking is not friendly to the lungs as it normally predisposes to throat and lung cancer. 

-Higher amount of smoking might lead to higher concentration which will be harmful to people who do not require higher doses because of their conditions. 

-It also requires other tools to aid inhalations such as (dabber, oil rig)  

  • Topical applications-when inhalation is not ideal for you, topical application in form of a cream is another mode of consuming cannabis. This way of application where you just apply on top of your skin and start enjoying the sedating and blowing off of your mind. Topical application is one of the easiest and quickest ways to use cannabis. 
  • Ingestion(edibles) -is the most widely favorite way of consuming cannabis currently as it is user-friendly and with a lot of decorum. 
  • Sublingual 

This is an oral way of consuming CBD, whereby you just put a drop of tincture of the product on your tongue and there you start feeling the sedative and relaxing effect. It is an easier and comfortable way to use. 

Advantages of sublingual consumption   

It is the quickest and convenient way to do it and does not need any additional tool. 

It is easy to manage dosing control. 

Its effects take a longer period. 

Disadvantages of sublingual consumption 

Different results are experienced by the individuals. 

 Some individuals might not be able to withstand CBD earthly effects. 

Final thoughts 

If you aspire to take a trial on consuming CBD for conditions such as anxiety insomnia and other chronic ailments, it is good to know various modes of consumption to obtain maximum efficacy depending on the conditions you have. CBD has lots of benefits which when exhausted would eradicate many diseases as well as prevent other diseases whether known or unknown to happen to mankind. 

Whether you are inhaling, vaping, topical application, edible or sublingual administration, doing more findings to ascertain the actual benefits as well as side effects is necessary to avoid adverse effects of preventable impacts and being able to enjoy the experiences of CBD holistically. 

I, therefore, would advise anyone to take CBD if it is recommended for you, as its advantages out-weighs the disadvantages. Moreover, too much uptake of CBD can cause precarious effects which are detrimental and fatal as some people have committed suicide after overdosing themselves. Therefore, consuming responsibly is advisable.

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Reasons Why Getting Your Weed From Mail Order Weed Is An Awesome Idea

You may still be asking yourself a lot of questions wondering if getting your weed from mail order weed is a good idea. However, compared to all the other options that you may have, this is probably one of the best options that you could ever choose. Wondering how true this is? Have a look at the reasons below.

  • It is a safer option compared to you getting your staff from the street

When you are getting products like this, there is always that risk that something may end up going wrong at a given point in time. This is especially the case considering all the regulations that have been set out in regards to the use and purchase of weed. You may find yourself in a lot of trouble that could have easily been prevented if you just did things in the right manner. For instance, you need to have a medical card for you to be able to buy online weed This is the same thing that applies to recreational weed use. If you are found buying weed in the street without this card or even a permit, then you might end up in the wrong arms of the law. This may, in turn, lead to you getting arrested and having to deal with a whole lot of other charges that you didn?t even see coming.

  • Keeps the post office in business

Even with the numerous stamps that are been taken every single week, it is still unfortunate that the post office still loses a great deal of money because of lack of business. The use of comes at a cost and is bound to keep these post offices in the market for a little bit longer. This is a good thing because people will not end up losing their much-needed jobs.

  • You are able to prevent weird conversations that you never want to have

Once you place your order for , and you complete the check out process which is an easy and straightforward one. The only thing that you need to do after this is to sit down and to wait for your weed to come your way. You do not have to indulge with the person who is delivering the weed to your doorstep. You had already paid for it and the only thing that you need to do is to pick it and get back to what you were doing. You will not have to deal with the awkwardness or have to worry that there is someone somewhere who is watching each and every one of your moves.

What Everyone Should Know About The Teen Brain

Troubled teens are found all over the world. They suffer in their misfortune on account of the previous experiences they suffered. If you’re finding the means of helping them to change their evil habits or from ailments, you want to deal with their immediate problem which can be their psychology. Summer camps offer you this through various manners. Troubled adolescents ought not to be prevented from the society but should be aided where potential.  It is a concern for parents when kids purchase cannabis online from Peak420 or other sources as it really affects their brains. This guide will demonstrate how the summer camps help in changing their terrible behavior and ailments.

In case you want to modify the youth, you should soften them as punishment conceals them. You should choose a fantastic and effectual way where the can alter their behaviours. The summer camps are the best facilities for that they provide support to these teens as they have professionals that manage psychology. The summer camps Help the troubled teens by Carefully supervising them, so offering them Together with Treatment plus offering them something to do and Consequently making them not to be Lazy as being idle affects their minds.  For more Info click here:

This enables them to shift focus from the running and loitering in the roads to doing anything constructive. Whenever they need support, the summer camps offer this as they have emotional personnel who surround them if they need assistance. Additionally, summer camps assist the troubled teens to know how to connect to other individuals. This makes summer camps one of the perfect places where the troubled adolescent ought to be sent rather than locking them into jail.

Among the advantages of is raising one’s self-confidence. Through the many activities, summer camps involve one is provided a level playing field where there is no pressure applied to these adolescents like social expectations. This makes them become ease thus fostering their confidence. Some of the adolescents elect to cause trouble predicated on being shunned by the society consequently suffering low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem can be very detrimental to a child’s lifestyle. Summer camp helps raise this confidence thus letting them lead a life worth living. They produce a feeling of self-worth that’s very important. When the self-esteem is boosted, they find life enjoyable to dwell thereby preventing their evil habits.

Summer camps involve participation of life values activities among children from the same age groups. By doing so, the troubled adolescents meet with their improved adolescents that have been in that identical stage they’re right now. This helps inspire them by mimicking the successful and reformed troubled adolescents so that they can be like them. This helps enhance their behaviour which is the ultimate goal of reforming troubled teens.