The Link Between Cannabis and Memory

Cannabis is used for both medicinal and recreational reasons. Its main chemical constituents are cannabinoid, commonly referred to as CBD, and delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, shortened as THC. However, its use remains controversial and is subject to local or government regulations. Due to chemical structure of drugs, most drugs alter the normal functioning of the brain. In this context, drugs refer to substances used for both medicinal and non-medicinal purposes.  

How it affects the brain 

After using cannabis, its chemicals enter the bloodstream, where it is transported to the brain. The brain has its own cannabinoid receptors. While at the brain, cannabis activates cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are a group of receptors found in the brain. They can influence learning, short-term memory, problem solving, and coordination. When activated after using cannabis, all those mental activities are altered. 

THC binds with cannabinoid receptors found in the brain. When that happens, euphoric feelings are experienced by the user.  On the other hand, CBD results to the opposite effect. It dampens the euphoric effect by interfering with the binding process.  Therefore the actual effect will greatly depend on the concentration or ratios of CBD and THC. Basing on how the two compounds work, a cannabis product with higher concentration of THC can easily result to mental health issues, thereby affecting memory. 

Depending on the concentration and duration of use, cannabis consumption will cause short-term as well as long-term effects. 

Memory-related effects of using cannabis 

There are two types of memory: long-term and short-term memory. Long-term memory stores information for longer periods, while short-term memory stores immediate events temporarily.  

There is strong evidence suggesting that cannabis greatly alters the functioning of temporary memory. The effect is due to compounds contained in cannabis which affect neural signaling to the brain. Short-term effects of cannabis will begin a few minutes after using the substance. Generally, the effects usually wear off after a few hours. The duration will depend on how the user’s body responds to the substance and also the quantity that was taken. It is estimated that the average half-life of the compounds found in cannabis is between 20 and 10 hours.  

When short-term memory is disrupted, learning and concentration are also affected. Below are mental and memory related effects of using cannabis. 

  • Panic attacks, paranoia and anxiety 
  • Lowered coordination 
  • Lowered ability to retain and also recall information 
  • Impaired judgment  
  • Distorted perception 
  • Altered verbal ability 
  • Loss of interest 

Some researchers claim that controlled use of cannabis can be used to manage memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and Chorea. It is argued that the products found in cannabis can prevent or slow the advancement of those diseases.  

People who heavily use cannabis at their early stages of life are more likely to experience memory loss and usually fail to recover even after quitting.  

While investigating the effect of cannabis on memory, the studies are usually limited because most consumers of cannabis also use other substances which may alter the actual outcome of the study. It is also important to note that human memory will always become less effective as one age. Similarly, memory formation may also be determined by hereditary factors. 

What is the effects of cannabis smoking and edibles

Some people find it hard to continue with their daily activity without cannabis, it acts as stimulant since they are addicted.  I want you healthy and happy, choose the best way of consuming your cannabis by reading this article. There are various ways of taking cannabis, you can either smoke or take as an edible. Read this article to know the comparison. 


Cannabis smoking is taken through smoking or inhaling by rolling papers, pipes or pipe and the lighting.   edibles are informed of cookies, gummies or chocolates and are taken inform of chewing. they can even be mixed in foods such as candys   
Smoking THC enters to the bloodstreams but passing through the lung  .since time taken between inhalation of cannabis to reach the brain is so short smoking has a rapid onset   While edibles THC is absorbed in the bloodstream through the digestive tract and metabolism takes place in the liver.   
To keep in mind, since time taken between inhalation of cannabis to reach the brain is so short thus  has a rapid onset   Edibles on the other hand are of different story, time taken for cannabis to reach the brain is long thus gradual onset   
after smoking cannabis one feels high immediately and for a shorter duration ,typically one to two hours   after taking edibles ,it takes longer to feel high   due to long absorption time , typically three to four hours.   
it is less likely to over consume cannabis while smoking since it causes immediate effects. After noting the effect you stop and take a break enabling you to take control of the situation   One can get into trouble of over-consumption since it takes time to enter bloodstreams, one can assume it is not working and keep adding more thus ending up taking more than required. It advisable if using edibles to start with low dose and wait for a period of one hour to see the effects.   
Smoking cannabis will increase the risk of filling the lungs with smoke thus at high risk of getting lung cancer. It will cause more damage if a person has lung problem Taking edibles is sometimes recommended since it won’t damage the lungs bt if also taken with person with diabetic or overweight person it can be dangerous 
It is not a must the stomach to be full before smoking but if you feel some headache its is good to take food or drink While taking edibles it is recommended that the stomach has to be full. Eating cannabis does not means its a balanced diet, all they do is to add sugar level which may lead to bigger problem if excess bt if taken in small amount it makes the diet delicious that one enjoys 

It is important to try both smoking and edible cannabis to see which ways provide the best relief for you.